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Linking Policy & Use of Images

This site (http://www.danteinferno.info) and its contents are copyrighted. All rights are reserved. However, permission is granted for you to use the images on your website, blog, or myspace account provided that 1) you link directly to the image instead of copying it and then downloading to your server and 2) you agree to the full terms and conditions contained herein.

The reason we would like you to link directly to our images is that this will increase our Google Pagerank. If you copy the images and upload them to your server we get no benefit unless you also put a link on your site pointing to us.

To link to any image on this site simply find the image you like, select the image with your cursor, and then click the right button of your mouse. Then select properties from the scroll down menu and copy the "address" information that pops up.

The address of the image that you select will be used to link to the image and display it on your site.

Here is an example. To display the image below on your site, simply right click your mouse while the cursor is over the image. Select properties. Copy the address.

In this case the address is http://www.danteinferno.info/gallery/thumbs/tn_danteinf903.jpg.

To display his image on your site simply insert the following code on your site:
<img src="http://www.danteinferno.info/gallery/thumbs/tn_danteinf903.jpg">

Permission to link to our site may be withdrawn without notice at any time, in the site publisher's sole discretion. We provide no guarantee or assurance that our site will remain operational. If our site is down, or if we change the layout or content of this site, the images you link to may not display properly or at all on your site, and may interfere with the appearance or functionality of your site. Consequently, by linking to any image on this site, you agree to do so at your own risk.